Weight Loss using Orange

Weight Loss using Orange


Oranges are chock-full of nutrients, the most prominent one is vitamin C, which is great for skin. Oranges are also great for the immune system, keep blood sugar levels and blood pressure in check and also may help control cholesterol. While the benefits of the fruit maybe well known, not many people know the benefits of the peels of the fruit. Did you know that orange rind may help you lose weight?[wp_ad_camp_1]

Including oranges in your diet can potentially help you lose weight, but it’s incorrect to think that eating this citrus fruit automatically causes your fat to begin melting off your body. Eating oranges doesn’t directly burn fat because oranges contain calories. However, oranges have a relatively low number of calories, making them a healthy choice when weight loss is your goal.[wp_ad_camp_4]

Calories and Fat Burning

To burn fat, your calorie expenditure must exceed your intake. When you eat an orange, it increases your daily caloric intake, albeit not hugely. A 5-ounce navel orange has 69 calories. The relatively low number of calories in an orange, however, make it a better choice than many other types of food if you wish to burn fat.

Fiber Helps Weight Control

A significant weight-loss benefit of oranges is the fruit’s dietary fiber content. A 5-ounce navel orange contains 3.1 grams of total dietary fiber. Among a long list of health benefits, including improved digestive health and lower cholesterol, fiber helps fill you up. If you choose to eat an orange before a meal, the fiber content of the fruit might fill you enough that you eat a smaller meal, or you can eat an orange after your meal instead of higher-calorie dessert.[wp_ad_camp_3]

Low-Calorie Snack Choice

A single orange is lower in calories than a variety of other potential snacks. A 1-ounce serving of plain, salted potato chips, for example, contains 154 calories, which is more than double the calories in an orange. Chips are also low in fiber, which means you might not feel as full after eating them.[wp_ad_camp_5]

Oranges in Your Diet

No specific number of oranges in your diet automatically causes you to lose weight, but ensuring your diet is loaded with fruits such as oranges and vegetables is a healthy choice. Instead of suggesting a specific number of daily servings of fruits and vegetables, ChooseMyPlate.gov recommends covering half your plate with fruits and vegetables at mealtime. Opt for fresh oranges over orange juice to get the fiber benefits of the fruit.[wp_ad_camp_2]

Bright and citrusy, oranges are juicy fruits we all love to binge on. The fruit that is available from November through January as well as in the summer months of March to May, is enjoyed around the world in numerous ways. The versatility of oranges is evident from the fact that you can eat it in a range of ways, from consuming it raw or juicing it, to including it in cakes, cupcakes, pastries, salads, mousses, etc. Whether you love to toss them in along with some greens, or down a glass of fresh juice at breakfast in the morning, oranges are simply delicious. But, that’s not the only reasons they are one of the most favoured fruits around the globe.